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Electric Scooters: Scourge or Savior?

Micromobility is all the rage these days. Here’s the latest report from my friends at 12 Tone Consulting… this one’s on e-scooters, the new big (little) thing in urban transport, coming soon (no doubt) to your town and mine. Get prepared for the onslaught with this excellent report!

[Note: They even asked yours truly to offer a few thoughts, but don’t hold that against ’em.]

To prepare cities for e-scooters, 12 Tone Consulting created a “Regulation Breakdown” of U.S. cities and their recent scooter regulations. With this report, we provide unique takeaways from U.S. cities currently experimenting with (or proposing) pilot programs, which we then use to provide guidelines on how other cities should approach these new e-scooter vendors.



Best & Worst Cities for Recreation

Check out this new story on WalletHub.com… 2018’s Best & Worst Cities for Recreation. I contributed a few thoughts on what I think makes a good city for recreation, and how cities could go about achieving them.