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my approach to technology

After nearly twenty years in the technology industry, I think I understand the value of technology without giving in to the temptation to use tech for tech’s sake. The so-called “bleeding edge” is great for exploring, but in education technology only has real value if it facilitates real learning. That is why I make it a point to both keep abreast of technological advancements while only implementing those which have proven value to my students.

In the summer of 2018 I was privileged to participate in DePaul University’s Online Teaching Series (DOTS), “an intensive, 40-hour faculty development program that prepares faculty to design, build, and facilitate successful online courses.” The objectives for the course were:

Identify strengths and weaknesses of example online courses.
Organize online course content so that course objectives are clearly aligned with assessments and instructional resources.
Identify key standards and requirements for quality online course design.

Write and structure course orientation materials and assignment descriptions to ensure expectations are clearly communicated to students.
Develop course objectives that are clear, concise, and measurable.
Identify appropriate technologies to support a course’s learning activities and create a multimedia-rich and engaging online course.
Create activities and leverage technologies that foster a sense of community in an online course.Facilitate online learning activities and assignments using popular collaboration and communication technologies.

Here are some of the current technologies I have been using and/or following…

some technologies of note

Learning Management Systems

Live and Recorded Audio and Video

Academic Integrity & Review

Student Response Systems (“clickers”)

Classroom Presentations

Mobile Devices

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